Application of SUP Beginner Certificate (Booked from 3rd Party Sources)


This is ONLY for the application of SUP beginner certificate that are NOT booked from our website (e.g. Store booking).

Please state the DATE of your class in the “Customer Note”, and fill in your own application information during check out.

Your certificate should be issued to you within 1 month.

Personal Information of other participants 其他參加者的個人資料 * 

If you are signing up as a group, please fill in accurate personal information for ALL participants (one participants per line) other than yourself. Incorrect information may render the 3rd party insurance invalid.

Required Information of each participant: Full Name, Phone number and Email. Please type N/A if you are only signing up for yourself.

如果您是團體報名,請填寫除您本人以外的所有參加者的準確個人資料 (每行一名參加者),不正確的資料可能會導致第三者保險無效

每個參加者的必填信息:全名、電話號碼和電子郵件。如果您只是為自己報名,請輸入 N/A。

I hereby certify that 我在此聲明 * 

Please enter your SUP certificate number 請輸入您的證書編號: * 

This program requires you to possess a certain level of SUP certificate issued by us, please enter your valid SUP certificate number. Your booking will be canceled if your certificate number is invalid.
本課程要求您持有我們頒發的直立板證書,請輸入您的有效直立板證書編號。 如果您的證書編號無效,您的預訂將被取消。