Next Wave SUP Training Program for Youth 青浪直立板培訓計劃

From: $900.0

Aims 目標:

  • This program aims to promote the sport of SUP to youth and to help athletes to become elite paddlers by providing systematic and quality training regimen from internationally qualified SUP instructors. Hong Kong Surf & Stand Up Paddle Association continue to support athletes to attend national and international races as well as hosting clinic with world’s top paddlers.
  • 擁有國際專業資格的導員帶領,本計劃旨在透過系統性的直立板運動培訓,向香港青少年推廣直立板運動,並幫助他們成為精英直立板運動員。

Training Duration 訓練日數:2 Days (2天)
Training Time 訓練時間:09:00 – 13:00
Fee 費用:$900 per head ($900 / 位)
Age 參加年齡:8 – 18
Venue 地點:Sai Kung Sha Ha (西貢沙下灘) 或 Kei Ling Ha San Wai (企嶺下新圍)
Date 日期 (Sha Ha 沙下):12/7 & 14/7, 26/7 & 28/7, 9/8 & 11/8, 23/8 & 25/8
Date 日期 (Kei Ling Ha 企嶺下):18/7 & 20/7, 1/8 & 3/8 22/8 & 24/8

Price Includes 價錢包括:

  • SUP equipment, Safety Gear, Instructor and Digital Certificates
  • 直立板器材、安全用具、導師及電子證書

Student will receive beginner and intermediate bronze certificates after completing the program

Min people: 4

  • If there are less than 4 people, we might arrange you to join another group. Tour might be canceled if there are less than 4 people joined
  • Coach & Student ratio at 1:8

Booking & Payment:

  • After submitting the booking request, please wait for our confirmation email and payment instructions before payment to ensure availability.
    After receiving the emails, please use the link in our email to pay within 12 hours to reserve your spot.
  • Please provide the Booking Number to the coach on booking date

What do I need to bring?

  • Must bring: Water sports shoes that covers your toes, swimwear, extra clothing, hat, sunscreen, dry bag and drinking water of 750ml or more.
  • Please wear water shoes / sports shoes for the event. Flip flops are NOT recommended.
  • To start the event on time, please kindly change your clothes and settle your personal belongings in advance (Not applicable to Kei Ling Ha).

Bad weather and Cancellation policy?


  • 如果少於 4 人,我們可能會安排您加入另一個小組,如果最終參加人數少於 4 人,課程可能會被取消。
  • 教練與學生比例 1:8


  • 提交報名後,請等待我們的確認電郵
  • 在未收到我們的確認電郵前,你的預約並未被接納
  • 預約被確認後,請在當天向現場職員出示你的預約編號及身份證以參加課堂。


  • 必須攜帶:包腳跟及包趾水上活動鞋、泳衣或泳褲、短 Tee / 防哂衣、帽、防曬霜、防水袋、更換的衣服及 750 ml 以上的飲用水。
  • 另外本會建議參加者帶備太陽眼鏡(連浮水帶) 並於活動前塗上防曬霜及驅蚊劑,並準備更換衣服於活動後使用。
  • 請參加者抵達前先更換衣服及安置個人物品 (企嶺下除外),使活動可以準時開始。

Personal Information of other participants

If you are signing up as a group, please fill in accurate personal information for ALL participants (1 participant per line) other than yourself. Incorrect information may render the accident Insurance invalid.
Required Information of each participant: Full Name, Phone number and Email. Please type N/A if you are only signing up for yourself.

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