[Race Track Trial] 2024 Hong Kong SUP Long Distance Race

From: $280

This is a trial only for non-competitors

In order to allow non-competitors to also experience the fun of Hong Kong paddleboard races, the day before this year’s Hong Kong SUP Long Distance Race, a special race track experience will be arranged.

As long as you have a beginner’s certificate issued by our association, you can personally experience the race track of this competition through this activity, and have the opportunity to paddle and interact with Hong Kong’s paddleboard competitors, and feel the enthusiasm of Hongkongers for paddleboarding races.

Trial Date

20/7/2024 (Day before race day)

Trial Time

14:00 – 16:00 (2 hours)


Sai Kung Sha Ha Road (Blue Sky Sports Club / WM Hotel)

Registration Fee

$280 per head


Participants must have a SUP Beginner Certificate issued by our association
Those without the certificate can participate in the beginner’s stand-up paddleboarding course in the morning of the experience day as a substitute

Fee Includes

Trial’s uniform, paddle board, paddle and safety gear

Uniform Size

2024 香港直立板長途賽

Uniform Size *

SUP Beginner Certificate *

Please enter the SUP Beginner Certificate number for all participants