Stand up for Hong Kong 2020


2020 SUP League Series

Stand Up for Hong Kong 2020

香港衝浪及直立板總會將舉辦籌款活動,希望在新冠肺炎疫情蔓延的困境下, 為香港人傳達積極正面的聲音和信息。本會主席吳宇豐先生將會在5月 率領三位直立板運動員伍英麟,戴廣達,黎紀賢在5天內划板穿越香港180公里。 這項活動旨在為香港醫療服務籌集資金,感謝他們的無私並在艱難時候為香港人緊守綱位。

香港衝浪及直立板總會主席: 希望為港人帶來正能量!

主席吳宇豐相信海洋有一種治癒能力,總是能夠讓人平靜放鬆。他除了希望幫助醫護人員籌款外,更希望籍是次籌款活動以直立板(Stand-up Paddle Board,簡稱SUP)勉勵港人要「Stand Up」抗疫,「無論環境有多困難都好,都要Stand Up(站起來)面對,無論順流、逆流都要努力站起來,靠自己一一撐過去。」


每日平均划36公里 比平日比賽多一倍


Stand Up for Hong Kong 2020

180km SUP Paddling Across HK in 5 Days! Fund Raising for HK Medical Staff

Hong Kong Surf & SUP Association will host a fundraising event, aiming to convey a positive voice and message to Hong Kong people under the plight of the spread of COVID-19. The Chairman of the Association, Mr. Bryan Ng, will lead three SUP Elite athletes Alan Ng, Tyler Tai and Edmund Lai to SUP 180km across Hong Kong in 5 days. The purpose of this event is to raise funds for Hong Kong’s medical services, thanking them for their selflessness and for maintaining the position for Hong Kong people in difficult times.

Chairman of HKSURFSUPA: I hope to bring positive energy to Hong Kong people!

Chairman Bryan Ng believes that the ocean has healing power and can always make people calm and relax. In addition to helping to fundraise for medical staff, he also hopes to use the Stand-up Paddle Sport (SUP) to encourage Hong Kong people to “Stand Up” to fight against the epidemic. “No matter how difficult life is, You have to work hard to stand up regardless of whether you are in the current or against the current.

They are going to choose the week that is not too windy to paddle according to the weather forecast. HKSURFSUPA will tentatively conduct fundraising activities in the third or fourth week of May, during which there will be support from the logistics team.

An average of 36km paddle per day, a double distance of an Elite race

180 kilometres, from Tuen Mun, the westernmost point of Hong Kong, to Crooked Island, the northernmost point. It is a big challenge for them, as they normally paddled 18km during a long-distance race. In this event, they need to paddle 36km per day and 5 days in a row. It is estimated 5 to 6 hours of paddling every day in the open water. From Tuen Mun to Tong Fuk on the first day, from Tong Fuk to Chung Hom Kok on the second day, from Chung Hom Kok to Kau Sai on the third day, and from Kau Sai to Crooked Island on the fourth day, On the 5th day, from Crooked Island to Hoi Ha. It is a big challenge for them to face uncertain factors such as strong currents, headwinds and crosswinds.

Shout Out to Our Sponsors

All of our equipment (e.g. SUP Board, paddle etc) and other resources (e.g. drinks) are proudly sponsored by Explorer Sports Co , E3 Asia Champion Formula , Blue Sky Sports Club , Naish Hong Kong

Stand up for Hong Kong 2020 5天直立板划180公里眾籌給香港醫療
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