HKSUPBA 3+1 Special Promotion

3 lessons + 1 Race
​ 三堂直立板訓練 + 一場賽事

Special Notice

Due to the current situation happened in Hong Kong, we may not be able to to do the league this year in 2020. 
Please note that 1 Novice race may not be able to delivered as stated on website, if there is no league race in 2020.

The 3+1 Program will only be 3 SUP lessons. Thank you for understanding.

If you have any questions, please contact


HKSUPBA is going to hold 2 league races in 2020. There will be novice races for all events. HKSUPBA provides an excellent training program for you to learn the basic skills of SUP racing in 3 sessions, and get you ready to be our SUP Racer at one of the races.

Come join us and challenge yourself in the new year!


3+1 SUP Program consists of three SUP Training sessions (total 6 hours) and one Novice Race. Participants will learn the basic technique of SUP and SUP racing skills, which enble to them to compete in a SUP Race.

3 + 1 SUP直立板訓練班包括三個直立板培訓課程(總共6個小時)和一個新手賽。 參與者將學習直立板競速技巧及基本技術。


Duration: 3 Training sessions within one month

Target: Indivial who is interested in SUP

Age: 8-18+

Training Location: Sai Kung Sha Ha Beach

Price: 840HKD/pax (Original Price: 1680HKD) Includes equipment, coach and

3 SUP Training Sessions: 2 hours/session + 1Novice Race Entry Fee

包括器材,教練,3次直立板訓練課程:每節2小時+ 1次新手報名費

Remarks 注意事項:
1. 請於7天前預約課程 Please book the course at least 7 days in advance
2. 所有參與課程的學員必須於沒有協助下游泳最少50米 Please make sure all the participants can swim 50m without additional assistant

Instructor 教練:
香港直立板總會教練均是為合格的ISA(國際衝浪協會)直立板教練,我們將安全放在第一位。 所有的教練都受過良好的培訓,並且熟悉場地水域。 課程將遵循ISA安全標準,教練與學生的比例不超過1:8。

SUP Beginner Lesson

The 2 hours SUP BEGINNER PROGRAM cover all basic SUP knowledge that you need to know Your lesson will be run in calm flat water with the objectives of: Understand SUP equipment, Learn important safety rules, Learn your basic paddle techniques on land, ractice your strokes on water

SUP Intermediate Lesson

In this program, our instructor will guide participants paddling in the open water. They would be able to experience paddling in difficult circumstance, such as windy condition, choppy wave….etc.

Bronze Award:
2 sets 2 hours lesson (4hrs total)
Completed a 2-kilometre sea tour training

2020 League Series Novice Race

HKSUP League aims to promote the SUP sport, increase public awareness and interest in SUP, and popularise this healthy and fashionable sports.
There are 2 Races in the League Series this year, each day a novice race will be held in the afternoon with the goal to promote SUP sports and encourage personal development.


There will be Novice category at each event, race course will be short and relatively easy for beginners. It is more like a carnival style for student to get the taste of racing while having fun time in the water.

每次比賽都會有新手項目,比賽路線簡短且對初學者來說相對容易。 說是比賽但更像是嘉年華的風格,讓學生感受比賽的激烈同時獲得競賽的樂趣。 

Dates & Locations日期和地點:

Novice Race 新手賽: 1km 1公里

Race 1 & 2 are now cancelled due to COVID-19

HKSUPBA League 3 (聯賽3):
6th Sept 2020


Please select the START DATE of your desired class during booking.


14/3,21/3,28/3 (Sat六) 10:00-12:00


15/3,22/3,29/3 (Sun日) 10:00-12:00


11/4,18/4,25/4 (Sat六) 10:00-12:00


12/4,19/4,26/4 (Sun日) 10:00-12:00


2/5,16/5,30/5 (Sat六) 10:00-12:00


3/5,17/5,31/5 (Sun日) 10:00-12:00


6/6,20/6,27/6 (Sat六) 10:00-12:00


7/6,21/6,28/6 (Sun日) 10:00-12:00


4/7,11/7,18/7 (Sat六) 10:00-12:00


5/7,12/7,19/7 (Sun日) 10:00-12:00


1/8,15/8,29/8 (Sat六) 10:00-12:00


2/8,16/8,30/8 (Sun日) 10:00-12:00


12/9,19/9,26/9 (Sat六) 10:00-12:00


13/9,20/9,27/9 (Sun日) 10:00-12:00


Register here online by clicking the button below.

You will receive confirmation and payment email from us if there’s enough people to form the class.
Otherwise please contact us by email or phone.

Registration is complete once the payment is done. If there is any question, please contact
(Please DO NOT PAY until you received confirmation from us)


Close-toed Water Shoe, Swimming Suit, T-shirt/Rushguard, Hat, Sunscreen, Dry Bag, Change of clothes.



Adverse Weather Arrangement

In case of inclement weather, unless further announcement, measurements will be arranged as follow:

1) Thunderstorm Warnings and Adverse Weather

When the thunderstorm warning, the amber rainstorm warning or a typhoon signal No.3 or below is hoisted either before or during lessons, classes and activities will be held as scheduled.
Coach has definite right to decide whether to cancel or continue the lesson subject to safety situations and environment. All students should obey coaches’ instructions. No swimming allowed without permission.

2) Typhoon Warnings (No. 8 or above)

When the typhoon signal No.8 or above is hoisted, classes and activities will be postponed.
2 hours after the lowering of typhoon signal No. 8 or above, trainings and program may be resumed depending on the time of day and the situation of the sea. Participants can contact and update with the HK Surf & Standup Paddle Association under these situations.
If the raise of typhoon No.8 or above is announced during courses, classes will terminate immediately.

3) Rainstorm Warnings (Black or Red)

When the red or black rainstorm warning is announced before classes and activities started, classes and activities will be postponed.
2 hours after the cancellation of black or red rainstorm signal, classes and activities will be held as scheduled.
If the raise of red or black rainstorm signal is announced during courses, classes will terminate immediately.

4) Replacement Arrangement

Classes or activities are terminated during class time due to the adverse weather, replacement classes will be arranged as follows:
If that course has started for less than 30 minutes, replacement lesson will be arranged.
If that course has started for more than 30 minutes, the lesson will be treated as completed and no replacement will be arranged.

5) Coaches and staff of HKSURFSUP could cancel any class or activities due to on-site weather condition.

6) Other cancellation other than the cases above would not be accepted and no refund would be made.



1) 雷暴警告及惡劣天氣

基於安全和環境情況下,教練有權決定取消或繼續課程。所有學員應遵守教練的指 示。在没有允許的情況下學員不能私自游泳。

2) 暴雨警告信號 (黑色或紅色信號)


3) 熱帶氣旋警告信號 (八號或以上信號)


4) 補課安排 由於惡劣天氣的情況下以取消課程或活動,補課安班如下:


5) 基於現埸天氣情況的變異,香港衝浪及直立板總會的教練和工作人員有權取消任何課程或活動。

6) 所有已確認的活動或課程,除上述惡劣天氣外,所有取消將不獲接受,已支付的費用將不能退回。


Class Venue