2024 Inter-School SUP Championship


We cordially invite schools from Hong Kong to participate in the inaugural Inter-School Stand-up Paddleboarding Championship in 2024. In addition to the individual awards for the top three athletes in each category, there will also be a school ranking award for the overall top three schools. Furthermore, to encourage active participation, every participant will receive a certificate of completion after the event.

Stand-up paddleboarding is suitable for individuals aged 8 and above, including primary and secondary school students. It can help students improve their physical coordination, balance, muscle strength, endurance, and reaction abilities. Additionally, it can also increase students’ knowledge about the ocean, weather changes, and other related topics. By gaining experience through this activity, it can also help alleviate students’ stress and anxiety.

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Secondary School

S1 - S3: Boys & Girls Group
S4 - S6: Boys & Girls Group

14 / 07
1 KM Technical Race

Primary School

P4 - P6
Boys & Girls Group

13 / 07
200 M Sprint Race

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2024 香港學界直立板訓練隊
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Past Races

The Hong Kong Surf and Stand Up Paddle Association, established in 2011, has organized over 20 local and international stand up paddle board competitions in Hong Kong. The sport of stand up paddle boarding has gained popularity in both Hong Kong and internationally, with various large-scale events held. The youth category has also achieved remarkable results!

Through school-based stand up paddle board competitions, we hope to discover more young athletes’ interests and nurture them to become representatives of Hong Kong in international competitions.


Participants need to register through their school.

Participants must hold the “Hong Kong Surfing and Stand-Up Paddle Association” issued SUP Beginner Certificate.

Each school can register a maximum of 40 students.

2024 香港學界直立板訓練隊
2024 香港學界直立板訓練隊


Free of Charge

The organisers will provide all competition equipment free of charge, including paddleboards, paddles, life vests, and ankle leashes.


The person in charge of the school should send back the completed application form to:

Room 31, 3/F, Shing Yip Industrial Building,
19-21 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong.

The deadline for registration is 19 / 4 / 2024.

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Blue Sky Sports Club

Sha Ha Water Sports Center
(Next to Sai Kung downtown)

knockout chart

1 KM Technical Race (Secondary School)

200 M Sprint Race​ (Primary School)

Bad weather

When the typhoon signal No.3 or above is hoisted 2 hours before the booked time-slot, the booked
activity will be cancelled.

If the raise of typhoon No.3 or above is announced during course/class/tour, the activity will be
terminated immediately.

When the red or black rainstorm warning is announced 2 hours before the booked time-slot, the booked
activity will be cancelled.

If the raise of red or black rainstorm signal is announced during course/class, the activity will be
terminated immediately.


If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us using the following methods:
WhatsApp: 9735 5605
Phone: 3502 1823
Email: info@hksurfsup.org

Our Team

For the quality of our courses and activities, we only hire coaches who hold the International Surfing Association (ISA) professional coaching qualification.

Our coaches have professional qualifications in the relevant sport and can teach in different languages.

The coaching team carefully plans the courses and activities to ensure the safety of participants. All courses will be conducted in small groups.

Our coaches are certified in first aid to handle emergencies.


About Us

The Hong Kong Surfing and Stand Up Paddle Association (HKSURFSUP) was established in 2011 and is the 76th member country of the International Surfing Association (ISA). This means that we can send surfers and stand up paddle athletes to represent Hong Kong in ISA competitions against athletes from around the world.

As the founding organization of stand up paddleboarding in Hong Kong, the HKSURFSUP actively promotes the local development of stand up paddle activities and competitions. Since its establishment, we have organized over 20 local and international events, attracting over thousands of participants. Our goal is to improve the athletes’ physical fitness, safety awareness, and environmental consciousness, and to promote a healthy marine ecosystem through stand up paddleboarding.

We hope to support and inspire local institutions in actively discovering and nurturing young athletes with potential. We provide professional training by qualified coaches to represent Hong Kong in international competitions.

In the past, we have collaborated with over 15 international schools, 20 local schools, 5 media organizations, 26 non-profit organizations, and over 40 institutions to organize various activities. These include co-organizing stand up paddleboarding courses with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, collaborating with Red Bull for promotional events, organizing beach cleaning activities with the Hong Kong Children & Youth Services, filming collaborations with TVB, co-organizing water activities tours with the Hong Kong Tourism Board, and conducting regular training camps with different schools.


2024 香港學界直立板推廣計劃

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