ISA Surf Level- 1 Instructor Course

Hong Kong Surf & Stand Up Paddle Association is now hosting ISA level 1 Surf Instructor Course, aims to train surf coaches with the correct coaching techniques in order to avoid unnecessary accidents for students, as well as spreading the sport to the community. Hong Kong Surf & Stand Up Paddle Association invites all those who intend to become professional surfing instructors to participate and become part of the Hong Kong surfing sport development.

Program Details

September (TBC), 2 Days

9am – 5pm


ISA Presenter
Jamo Borthwick from Australia (TBC)

ISA Certified
The Course aims to train professional surfing instructors who can teach under international aquatic safety standards. Participants who complete all course content (including a 20-hour internship period) within one year will receive ISA Level 1 Surf Instrctor Certificate (valid for one year)

How to Qualify
1. 100% attendance and complete 2 day full-time course 
2. Pass the test for surf teaching and personal surfing technique (can be completed within one year)
3. Complete a 20-hour internship and be certified by a qualified ISA superviory coach (can be completed within one year)
4. Copy of valid open water lifeguard card (Open water lifeguard card can be completed within one year)

Personal Surfing Technique

Paddle out to the take off zone behind the break

Negotiate the impact zone paddling out/eskimo/turtle roll on a long board or duck diving on a short board,

Take off on unbroken wave

Perform a BASIC Bottom turn TO THE LEFT AND RIGHT,

Traverse a wave both left and right that is on both forehand and backhand (front side, backside)

Perform a basic dismount/flick-out (pull off the wave safely and in control)

Return to shore safely


Email us via

If you are interested, please contact us and let us know. This program will only open if there are enough interested participants.