ISA Surf & SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course

The International Surfing Association (ISA) and the International Lifesaving Federation (ILS) have entered into a key strategic partnership together to establish a universally recognized, global standard water safety course and certification for surfing and stand-up paddle (SUP) coaches and instructors.

The ISA/ILS International Surf and SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course is specific for the surf instructing environment and available for all ISA and ILS Members to access.

Program Details

1. Establish a global minimum standard for Surf/SUP instructors water safety certification as the current water safety requirements vary from country to country.
This will translate into a transportable safety accreditation that will benefit traveling coaches

2. Promote water safety world-wide

3. Enhance the value of the ISA Coaching Certification and provide more opportunities to our program participants

* If you have participated in the ISA Instructor course but you do not have a valid open water lifeguard certificate, this course can replace the valid open water lifeguard card

ISA Presenter
Jamo Borthwick from Australia (TBC)

ISA Certified
The Course aims to train ISA coaches to obtain international standards of water rescue knowledge and certificates
Participants who complete all course content within one year will receive a ISA Surf and SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Certificate issued by ISA and ILS
(valid for two years, and will need to participate in the course again after two years)

1. Age of 15 or above 

2.  Prior to attending a course, participants must have completed a timed swim of 200m completed in under 5 minutes in a pool no shorter than 25m.
This must have been witnessed and completion certificate signed by a Pool Manager, Qualified Swim Coach, ISA or ILS Course Organiser or ISA or ILS Course Presenter

How to Qualify

1. 100% attendance and complete 2 day full-time course 
2. Complete all the tests and requirements within one year

Program Content

1. The theory components are delivered by a PowerPoint Presentation, a Participant Manual and Participant Workbook that needs to be completed during the Course
2. The practical components include basic water/surf skills, completing patient rescues using a board, performing basic first aid, performing basic CPR and emergency care techniques and successfully completing a basic fitness test

There will be a different fitness test for Surf Instructors and Flat Water Instructors.


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If you are interested, please contact us and let us know. This program will only open if there are enough interested participants.