2024 SUP Race Schedule

The schedule for the 2024 Hong Kong SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) competition has been announced!

We will determine which athletes are eligible to represent Hong Kong in this year’s “ISA* World SUP Championship” based on their performance in the “SUP Short Distance Race” and “SUP Long Distance Race” organized by the Hong Kong Surfing and SUP Association this year. Both of these races require high explosive power and endurance, and we believe that outstanding performers will definitely shine on the international stage.

As for the eligibility to participate in the skill competition of the “ISA* World SUP Championship”, we will decide based on the results of the “Hong Kong SUP Skill Competition” held earlier on January 14th this year. This competition will test the athletes’ skills and innovation, and we look forward to seeing amazing performances.

*ISA stands for the International Surfing Association. It is an international surfing sports management organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee and an Olympic-level SUP management organization recognized by the International Sports Arbitration Court.

In addition, if athletes still maintain the status of the representative team of the Hong Kong Canoe Association after April this year, they will not be selected by us to represent Hong Kong in any international competitions.

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