2024 Hong Kong SUP Sprint Race

From: $380

Race Details

Please read carefully before submitting the application

Race Date

26 / 5 / 2024

Registration Deadline

12 / 5 / 2024


Blue Sky Sports Club – Kei Ling Ha San Wai

Registration Fee

$380 / head

Fee Includes

Participant’s uniform, medals / finisher medals

HKSURFSUP Hard Board Rental*

(Not applicable to youth groups)
$200 / pc*

Whatzsup SUP Rental*

(Not applicable to youth groups and novice groups)
1. SIC X14.0 Pro 14′ x 26″ 253L  | Picture 1 | Picture2 |
2. Molokai Hero Race 14′ x 21.5″ (2023) | Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3 |
3. SIC Bullet 14.0 V2 (14′ x 27.25″ 269 L) | Picture 1 |
4. SIC Bullet 14.0 V2 (14′ x 27.25″ 269 L) with ASS | Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3 |
5. (Inflatable) Molokai Striker Air Race Pro 14’0″ X 23″ | Pictures and Description |
6. (Inflatable) Molokai Hero Air Race 14’0″ X 24″ | Pictures and Description |
7. (Inflatable) Molokai Finder Air Touring 14’0″ X 27″ | Pictures and Description |

Rental Remarks

*Equipment is limited and will be arranged according to the order of registration
*No on-site rental service, please make a reservation in advance

Jersey Size

2024 香港直立板衝刺賽

Race Groups *

Novice Group Prerequisites#
Never participated in the open group and adult group competitions + Never won the championship in the novice group competition
Youth Group Board Restrictions^
Must use the 14-foot inflatable board provided by the organizers

Race Jersey Size *

Terms & Conditions *

1. I have read the Rules and Regulations of this race carefully.
2. I acknowledge that I am responsible for ensuring that my health condition is suitable for participating in the race. If in doubt, I will seek medical advice before entering the race.
3. I agree that once my entry is accepted, the entry fee is non-refundable and my entry cannot be transferred under any circumstances.
4. (For Rental) I agree to inspect the rented board for any damage before starting my session. If I find any issues, I will immediately notify the on-site staff.
5. (For Rental) I agree that if the board is lost or damaged during the rental period, I will be responsible for paying the repair fee or replacement cost as applicable.
6. (For Rental) I agree that the association reserves the right to evaluate each racer’s paddling ability before permitting them to use the equipment.