ISA Level 1 Judge Course

This course is the world’s most comprehensive educational program for surf judging and the development and certification of quality surf judges. The course will give you the resources to become a surf judge, a better competitor, an educated surf coach, or a well-informed parent.


Program Details

Date 日期
November (TBC), 2Days

9am -5pm


ISA Presenter:

ISA Certified
The course aims to develop the ability to act as a judge in local or bigger surfing events under ISA standards
Participants who complete all course content within one year will receive ISA Level Judge Certificate (valid for one year)


How to Qualify
1. 100% attendance and complete 2 day full-time course

2.Complete an internship hours and be certified by a qualified ISA superviory coach (can be completed within one year)
 完成實習並由合資格ISA講師認證 (可於一年內完成)

Hong Kong Surf & Stand Up Paddle Association will arrange a surfing festival for participants to do the internship with the supervisory judge


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如有興趣請先跟我們聯絡 ,此課程有足夠人數才會開班。
If you are interested, please contact us and let us know. This program will only open if there are enough interested participants.