ISA SUP Surfing Instructor Course

Hong Kong Surf & Stand Up Paddle Association is now hosting ISA SUP Surfing Instructor Course, aims to train SUP Surf coaches with the correct coaching techniques in order to avoid unnecessary accidents for students, as well as spreading the sport to the community. Hong Kong Surf & Stand Up Paddle Association invites all those who intend to become professional SUP Surfing instructors to participate and become part of the Hong Kong SUP Surfing sport development.

香港衝浪及直立板總會現舉辦 ISA 國際衝浪協會直立板衝浪教練班 ,教授正確的直立板衝浪教學技巧和相關的專業知識,以避免學員發生不必要的意外,並同時希望令更多人認識此運動,使直立板衝浪運動普及化。本會邀請所有有意成為專業直立板衝浪教練的人士參加,成為香港衝浪及直立板總會的一分子,為香港衝浪運動發展出一分力。

Program Details


ISA Presenter:
Jamo Borthwick from Australia (TBC)

ISA Certified
The Course aims to train professional SUP surfing instructors who can teach under international aquatic safety standards
Participants who complete all course content (including a 10-hour internship period) within one year will receive ISA SUP Surf Instructor Certificate (valid for one year)


ISA 靜水直立板教練/ ISA Flat Water SUP Instructor

How to Qualify
1. 100% attendance and complete 1 day full-time course

2.  Pass the test for SUP surf teaching and personal SUP surfing technique (can be completed within one year)
通過直立板衝浪教學及個人直立板衝浪技術測試 (可於一年內完成)

3.  Complete a 10-hour internship and be certified by a qualified ISA supervisory coach (can be completed within one year)
完成10小時實習並由合資格ISA教練或講師認證 (可於一年內完成)

4. Copy of valid open water lifeguard card (Can be submitted within one year)
有效開放水域救生員證複印件 (開放水域救生員證可於一年內後補)

Personal SUP Surfing Technique

(以上堂時的 Skill Assessment Workbook 為標準, Please reference to Skill Assessment Workbook)

– 在一米浪下越浪
Entry and transition off beach in 1m waves, competently and confidently negotiating the impact zone

– 在浪壁下浪
Take off on unbroken waves

– 基本 Cutback
 Complete a basic cut back

– 在浪壁斜跑包括前手及後手
Traverse across the wave to both the left and right (forehand and backhand)

– 基本安全及有控制下板
Safely pull off and exit wave

– 安全上岸
Safely return to shore


報名 Registration
電郵至 查詢。

If you are interested in this course, please contact us and let us know. As HKSURFSUPA will only open the course if there are enough interested participants.