Surfing Beginner Program

From: $480.0

Program details:
Theoretical sessions, surfing regulations, safety regulations, ocean and waves analysis and basic usage of surfing equipment will be taught by our instructors in this program. Our instructor will practice basic surfing postures and drills with you before getting into the water.

This program will be conducted in Tai Long Sai Wan which is known to have one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong. It is surrounded by mountains and unable to be reached by public transportation, therefore its beaches are mostly unaffected by pollution. Participants could learn basic surfing skills and enjoy the tranquil environment in this beautiful back garden. After finishing the program, participants will receive the Surfing Beginner Certificate issued by Hong Kong Surf & Standup Paddle Board Association.



Date 日期: 23/1 / 29/1 / 5/2 / 12/2 / 13/2 / 19/2 / 20/2 / 26/2 / 27/2
Time 時間: 10:00-12:00 / 13:00-15:00
Venue 地點: Sai Wan 大浪西灣
Assemble Point 集合點: Sai Wan Waves Cafe 西灣海浪茶座
Price 價錢: $480 for 2 hours 兩小時
Price includes 價錢包括: Surfing equipment, Safety gear, Instructor and Digital Certificate 衝浪器材、安全用具、導師及電子證書
Deadline 截止報名日期: 4 days prior each class 每節課前4天

Prerequisite 報名要求:

  • Able to swim at least 50 meters without assistance
  • 所有參與課程的學員必須於沒有協助下游泳最少50米

Transportation 交通:

  1. By Bus: From Sai Kung McDonald’s, take village bus 29R to Sai Wan Pavillion, then walk for 40mins (Concrete Path) and you will arrive at Sai Wan Waves Cafe.
    巴士:在西貢麥當勞前面,坐 29R 白色村巴到西灣亭,下車後步行40分鐘 (石屎山路) 到達西灣海浪茶座
    Bus Timetable 村巴時間表:
  2. By Taxi to Sai Wan Pavillion, Walk down for 40mins  (Concrete Path), you will arrive at Sai Wan Waves Cafe
    坐的士到西灣亭,下車後步行40分鐘 (石屎山路) 到達西灣海浪茶座
  3. Driving: Drive to Pak Tam Chung Car Park, take a taxi to Sai Wan Pavillion, Walk down for 40mins (Concrete Path), you will arrive Sai Wan Waves Cafe
    自駕: 駕車到北潭涌停車場,坐的士到西灣亭,下車後步行40分鐘(石屎山路)到達西灣海浪茶座

Booking & Payment:

  • After submitting the booking request, please wait for our confirmation email and payment instructions before payment to ensure availability.
    After receiving the emails, please use the link in our email to pay within 12 hours to reserve your spot.
  • Please provide the Booking ID# to the coach on booking date

What do I need to bring?

  • You are suggested to bring water, water shoes (cover heel and toes), sunglasses (with a floating belt) and a hat. Please put on sunscreen and insect repellent before the event. You may need dry clothes for changing after the event.
  • Please wear water shoes / sports shoes for the event. Flip flops are NOT recommended.
  • To start the event on time, please kindly change your clothes and settle your personal belongings in advance.


  • 由要課程需要安排教練,請提交申請後先不要付款,並等待我們的確認電郵及付款指示。
  • 如教練能夠配合你預約的時間,你將會收到確認電郵及付款指示,請於12小時內付費以確認課堂。


  • 本會建議參加者帶備食水、水上活動鞋 (包指包腳跟,例如白飯魚) 、太陽帽、太陽鏡(連浮水帶) 、帽子等,於活動前塗上防曬霜及驅蚊劑,並準備更換衣服於活動後使用。
  • 建議穿著水上運動鞋參與活動 (人字拖並不適合)。
  • 請參加者抵達前先更換衣服及安置個人物品,使活動可以準時開始。

Personal Information of other participants * 

If you are signing up as a group, please fill in accurate personal information for ALL participants (one participants per line) other than yourself. Incorrect information may render the 3rd party insurance invalid.
Required Information of each participant: Full Name, Phone number and Email. Please type N/A if you are only signing up for yourself.

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