Stand Up For Maui

Maui's Relief Efforts


為了向毛伊島當地社區提供協助,本會將會舉辦一場慈善划槳及T恤義賣活動,收益扣除成本後將全數撥捐至【Maui Food Bank】。

The origin of stand up paddleboarding, our beloved Maui, has recently experienced catastrophic wildfires. This deadliest natural disaster in the US destroyed thousands of homes. 

To support the devastated state of Maui, we are hosting a charity paddle and charity sale. All proceeds will be donated to the Maui Food Bank after deducting the cost.

Donation options

選項 Option 1

T 恤義賣 T-shirt Charity Sale* 

已截單 (No Longer Accepts Order)

T 恤可於 9 月 3 日或以後於本會觀塘辦公室自取,或經順豐到付寄出
T-shirts can be picked up at our Kwun Tong office starting from September 3rd, or shipped via SF Express on a collect-on-delivery basis

選項 Option 2

慈善划槳活動費用 Charity Paddling Event

金額 Amount: $480 / head


10km copy

日期 Date : 3/9/2023
時間 Time : 10:00 – 13:00
地點 Venue : 白沙洲或橋咀洲 Pak Sha Chau or Sharp Island (3 公里或 10 公里 3 km or 10 km)

參加資格 Prerequisite
持有本會發出的直立板初級證書 Holder of SUP Beginner Certificate issued by HKSURFSUP

選項 Option 3

自訂金額 Custom Amount

Suitable for donating on behalf of multiple individuals

有關 T 恤 About T-Shirts

*T 恤截單日期為 24/8/2023,25 日或以後的捐款將不包括 T 恤
*The deadline for ordering T-shirts is August 24th, 2023. Donations made on or after the 25th will not include a T-shirt