ISA Surf & SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course


The International Surfing Association (ISA) and the International Lifesaving Federation (ILS) have entered into a key strategic partnership together to establish a universally recognized, global standard water safety course and certification for surfing and stand-up paddle (SUP) coaches and instructors.

The ISA/ILS International Surf and SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course is specific for the surf instructing environment and available for all ISA and ILS Members to access.

Program Details

1. 由於當前的水安全要求因國家而異,此證書為衝浪和直立板教練在水上安全方面上定制了最低標準。
Establish a global minimum standard for Surf/SUP instructors water safety certification as the current water safety requirements vary from country to country. This will translate into a transportable safety accreditation that will benefit traveling coaches.

2. 在全球促水上安全。Promote water safety world-wide.
3. 增強ISA教練認證的價值,並為計劃參與者提供更多機會。Enhance the value of the ISA Coaching Certification and provide more opportunities to our program participants.

*如果你參加了ISA 教練課程,但未有效開放水域救生員證,這個課程可以代替有效開放水域救生員證。
* If you have participated in the ISA Instructor course but you do not have a valid open water lifeguard certificate, this course can replace the valid open water lifeguard card.

September (TBC), 2Days, 2日

時間 Time:
9am -5pm

地點 Venue:

ISA 講師 ISA Presentor:
Jamo Borthwick from Australia (TBC)

ISA 課程ISA Course
The Course aims to train ISA coaches to obtain international standards of water rescue knowledge and certificates. Participants who complete all course content within one year will receive a ISA Surf and SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Certificate issued by ISA and ILS (valid for two years, and will need to participate in the course again after two years).

課前要求 Prerequisite:
1. 15歲或以上 Age of 15 or above
2. 能夠在5分鐘內游200米 (25米標準游泳池進行並由合資格游泳教練或ISA講師見證)
Prior to attending a course, participants must have completed a timed swim of 200m completed in under 5 minutes in a pool no shorter than 25m. This must have been witnessed and completion certificate signed by a Pool Manager, Qualified Swim Coach, ISA or ILS Course Organiser or ISA or ILS Course Presenter

如何獲得 How to get
1. 100%出席率並完成2日全日課程100% attendance and complete 2 day full-time course
2. 一年內完成所有課程測試 Complete all the tests and requirements within one year

課程內容 Program Content:
– 包括基本的游水/衝浪技能,使用浪板完成患者拯救,執行基本的急救,基本的CPR和緊急護理技術以及成功完成基本的體能測試。
– The theory components are delivered by a PowerPoint Presentation, a Participant Manual and Participant Workbook that needs to be completed during the Course.
– The practical components include basic water/surf skills, completing patient rescues using a board, performing basic first aid, performing basic CPR and emergency care techniques and successfully completing a basic fitness test.

There will be a different fitness test for Surf Instructors and Flat Water Instructors.


報名 Registration
電郵至 查詢。

If you are interested in this course, please contact us and let us know. As HKSURFSUPA will only open the course if there are enough interested indivi

Adverse Weather Arrangement

In case of inclement weather, unless further announcement, measurements will be arranged as follow:

1) Thunderstorm Warnings and Adverse Weather

When the thunderstorm warning, the amber rainstorm warning or a typhoon signal No.3 or below is hoisted either before or during lessons, classes and activities will be held as scheduled.
Coach has definite right to decide whether to cancel or continue the lesson subject to safety situations and environment. All students should obey coaches’ instructions. No swimming allowed without permission.

2) Typhoon Warnings (No. 8 or above)

When the typhoon signal No.8 or above is hoisted, classes and activities will be postponed.
2 hours after the lowering of typhoon signal No. 8 or above, trainings and program may be resumed depending on the time of day and the situation of the sea. Participants can contact and update with the HK Surf & Standup Paddle Association under these situations.
If the raise of typhoon No.8 or above is announced during courses, classes will terminate immediately.

3) Rainstorm Warnings (Black or Red)

When the red or black rainstorm warning is announced before classes and activities started, classes and activities will be postponed.
2 hours after the cancellation of black or red rainstorm signal, classes and activities will be held as scheduled.
If the raise of red or black rainstorm signal is announced during courses, classes will terminate immediately.

4) Replacement Arrangement

No Rescheduling arrangement due to bad weather stated above.


1) 雷暴警告及惡劣天氣

基於安全和環境情況下,教練有權決定取消或繼續課程。所有學員應遵守教練的指 示。在没有允許的情況下學員不能私自游泳。

2) 暴雨警告信號 (黑色或紅色信號)


3) 熱帶氣旋警告信號 (八號或以上信號)


4) 補課安排 由於惡劣天氣的情況下以取消課程或活動,補課安班如下: