SUP Intermediate Bronze Program – Sai Kung 4 hours

From: $900.0

SUP Intermediate Program – Bronze Award

  • Time: 2 sets 2 hours lesson (4hrs total)
  • Price Rate: HK$1000
  • Coach & Student Ratio at 1:8 (Min. of 4pax)
  • Entry Requirement: Holder of SUP Beginner Level
  • Exam: Complete 2KM sea tour training in limited duration of under 45mins
  • Price Include: Gear rental, instructor
  • Program Details:
    This program is ideal for those who have passed our Beginner program.  Our instructor will guide you paddling in the open water, experience paddling in difficult circumstance, such as windy condition, choppy wave etc.

*Participants could received the SUP Intermediate Certificate after they finish the whole SUP Gold-Silver-Bronze Training Program

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