SUP Intermediate Program – Silver Award (Sai Kung Sha Ha)

From: $1,800.0

Note: This is a Sai Kung Group Class

This program is ideal for those who have passed our Intermediate Bronze Award Program. Our instructor will guide you paddling in the open water, experience paddling in difficult conditions (such as choppy water and heavy wind), learn intermediate SUP skills to overcome such conditions, and improve your overall paddling speed and efficiency.

Entry Requirements:

  • Holder of SUP Intermediate Certificate (Bronze Award)
  • Able to swim 50 meters without assistance


  • 4 km touring exam in open water condition (Time limit: 75 mins)

Price: $1800 per head

Price Includes: SUP equipment (Board, Paddle & Leash), Instructor, Digital SUP Intermediate Certificate (Silver Award)

Time: 08:30 – 17:30 (8 hours lesson + 1 hour lunch )

Assemble Point: Sai Kung Sha Ha Road

Min people: 4

  • If there are less than 4 people, we might arrange you to join another group. Tour might be canceled if there are less than 4 people joined
  • Coach & Student ratio at 1:8

Booking & Payment:

  • After submitting the booking request, please wait for our confirmation email and payment instructions before payment to ensure availability.
    After receiving the emails, please use the link in our email to pay within 12 hours to reserve your spot.
  • Please provide the Booking Number to the coach on booking date

What do I need to bring?

  • Must bring: Water sports shoes that covers your toes, swimwear, extra clothing, hat, sunscreen, dry bag and drinking water of 750ml or more.
  • Please wear water shoes / sports shoes for the event. Flip flops are NOT recommended.
  • To start the event on time, please kindly change your clothes and settle your personal belongings in advance (Not applicable to Kei Ling Ha).

Bad weather and Cancellation policy?

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