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Some programs may require confirmation from us before you can make payment.
You’ll received our confirmation email with payment link once your booking is confirmed – Usually within 3 business days.

Please pay within 24 hours to reserve your spot.
All prices are in HKD – Hong Kong Dollar.

Important Notes:

1. Please note that each participant must have their own HKSURFSUP’s account to sign up most programs.
2. The HKSURFSUP’s account can be created during check out.
3. Please also fill in accurate personal information when checking out to confirm your age, swimming ability, medical conditions etc. for the purpose of ensuring your safety. Incorrect information may render your 3rd party insurance (if any) invalid.

All information you sent are encrypted and sent via a secured channel.

About Hong Kong Surfing & SUP Association ​

HK Surf & Standup Paddle Association

HK Surf & Standup Paddle Association  aims to be recognized, as a leading National Sports Association through its commitment to the development of Surf & SUP and related water sports activities for the people of Hong Kong:


Encourage widespread participation in Surf & SUP and water sports activities; Nurture a successful squad of elite athletes; Spot and foster the potential of younger athletes;


Develop proficiency in coaching, race direction and associated technical aspects of Surf & SUP ; Promote public awareness of Surf & SUP and related water sports activities; Secure a sound future, for the continued development of Surf & SUP  in Hong Kong.